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Tagalog - language of the Philippines!
The Philippines has many languages and dialects. Tagalog is the language that is spoken by most Filipinos and the official Filipino language leans heavily onto Tagalog. Tagalog is spoken in the Metro Manila area. Therefore it the best language to learn even if you visit other parts of the Philippines than Manila.

Manila.PH will collect and list usefull words and phrases. The collection is based on our own experience as well as books, booklets and dictionaries and some are learned in Mabuhay Chat, where you can learn more and interact in conversation with Filipinos worldwide and train yourself in Tagalog.

The selection of words is based on conversational Tagalog. Words or phrases often used in conversation. This improves your understanding and orientation ability. Eventually we might group the words and add grammar etc.

Tagalog Words:

English / Tagalog Learn Tagalog
through books & CD's
Welcome(greeting) Mabuhay!
Good morning Magandang umaga
Good day Magandang arao
Good afternoon Magandang hapon
Good evening Magandang gabi
Noon Tanghali

How are you? Kumusta ka?
I am fine Mabuti naman
OK OK din
Thank you Salamat
Thank you very much Maraming salamat
You're Welcome Walang anuman
Good luck to you.
Mabuting kapalaran sa iyo.
Goodbye Paalam
Mabuhay (Mabuhay is used for a variety of positive greetings)

I/We Ako/Tayo
You Ikaw
They Sila
He/She Siya

Yes Oo/Opo
No Hindi

What? Ano?
When? Kailan?
Where? Saan?
Who? Sino?
Why? Bakit?
How? Paano?
How many? Ilan?
How much? Magkano?

What is your real name?
Yon tunay na pangalan?
How do you say .... in Tagalog?
Ano sa Tagalog ang .....?
What is the meaning of ....?
Ano ang ibig sabihin nang ....? / Ano yun ....?
I am learning Tagalog
Nag aaral magtagalog
I am
Ako nga
I am from England
Sa England ako
Your country is very beautiful
Maganda ang bayan mo.
I am happy Masaya ako.

Time Oras
I love you Mahal Kita
Please Pakiusap

Up Taas
Down Baba
Left Kaliwa
Right Kanan
North Hilaga
East Silangan
South Timog
West Kanluran
Far Malayo
Near Malapit
Bad Masama
Beautiful Maganda
You are beautiful Maganda Ka
Cheap Mura
Expensive Mahal
Big Malaki
Small Maliit

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