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Metro Manila is the political, economic, social, educational, cultural and recreational hub of this vast archipelago of 7,107 islands that is the Philippines. Nowhere else in the Philippines can you acquire a greater dose of local color, a better understanding of the country's multi-faceted culture, or as many glimpses of its contrasts as in this pulsating, vibrant metropolis.

The streets are alive with colorful jeepneys, rumbling buses and sleek automobiles. In old sections of Manila like Intramuros (the old walled city) and Chinatown, clip-clopping horse-drawn carriages pick their way through traffic.

Glass and concrete towers rise side-by-side with Spanish colonial houses and neo-classical government buildings. Dragon arches and elaborately-styled mansions define the enclaves of the Chinese and the rich and famous. Nearby you might find shanty housing of the poor and the less fortunate.

Outside the civilized bustle of air-conditioned shopping centers, sidewalk vendors haggle and press with the sweaty, hurrying crowds. The glare and gaiety of marketplaces are mere steps away from the peaceful greenery of parks and the divine atmosphere of churches.

Premier gateway to the many islands and tourist destinations north and south of the Philippines, Metro Manila has its own share of attractions to suit almost every interest.

In Manila, churches, theaters and museums vie for the attentions of history and culture buffs. Malls, boutiques, flea markets and antique shops offer endless surprises for shoppers and souvenir-hunters.
Posh restaurants and sidewalk eateries entice gatronomic adventurers. Snazzy discos and cozy bars entertain the night owl.
Golfing greens, country clubs and accessible out-of-town resorts provide recreation and relaxation for all.

And everywhere, a friendly, festive people who smile readily, adore music and love to welcome visitors with their world-famous brand of hospitality.

You are very welcome to participate in providing information, photos, descriptions, maps etc. of Manila. However it must be original work, as we respect the copyrights of others.

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